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Low-voltage LED landscape lighting is an ideal way to enhance your home or business. It is also a practical measure of added security. Let our professionals design and install a quality low-voltage LED lighting grid that will be the envied throughout the neighborhood.


Landscape lighting technology is forever changing. We are introducing exciting new product lines anually. We offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures to compliment each unique landscape design. These fixtures are as visually pleasing in the daylight as they are reliable at night.

Lower power consumption compared to traditional incandescent low-voltage lighting. (Saving you money in operating expenses)


Decresed power consumption allows for a smaller transformer. (Saving you money on initial costs)


Decresing the amount of 14/12 cable needed to run the grid efficiently. (Saving you money on initial costs)


An LED bulb lasts nearly 10x longer than traditional incandescent lighting meaning less maintenance and bulbt replacement. (Saving you money in operating expenses)

LED Advantages & Savings