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When choosing a landscape design, there are multiple factors to take into consideration.

Below is a checklist of questions to consider when choosing a landscape design.



  • Do you have small children or pets that require a sizable yard? Is a fence necessary in this circumstance?


  • Visually, do you prefer a symetrical planting scheme or a unique custom designed planting scheme?


  • Do you prefer the addition of feature boulders and/or patio trees?


  • Do you prefer the look of blooming colorful flowers? What are your favorites or dislikes? Is garden maintenance a source of relaxation or a chore?


  • What would you like the focal point or visual attraction to be?


  • How long do you plan to own your house or business?


  • What is the main purpose for this landscape? Aesthetically pleasing and curb appeal for a return on your investment, or something to enjoy with your family?


  • How often do you entertain? How many people do you entertain at a given time?

  • Do you enjoy dining outdoors? Would you like to prepare and cook your food in an outdoor kitchen?


  • What have you budgeted for your project? Does your budget allow you to take on the entire project at one time or are you interested in a multi-phase installment?


  • Are you interested in a fire pit, fire place, breakfast bar, grill island, or a pub table?


  • Do you prefer the light, warm smell of smoke and crackling of dry wood of a natural fire feature? Or do you prefer the clean, smoke-free gas unit that lights on demand?


  • Do you want a multi-dimensional look of pillars and sitting walls for added visual effect?


  • Are you planning to use your landscape areas after dark? Do you need landscape lighting built in? Would you be interested in additional landscape lighting for security purposes?